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Baia dei Turchi Beach

Have you ever been to a beach where stands out with its rich history and natural wonders? If your answer is no, Baia dei Turchi beach would be a great option for you. In this article, we are going to provide a detailed guide about Baia dei Turchi.

Beach Score

Water Quality7/10 (Excellent)
Cleanliness9/10 (Excellent)
Crowdedness5/10 (Good)
Accessibility6/10 (Good)


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There is no doubt, Baia dei Turchi is one of the most spectacular beaches in Puglia. It has a pretty unique splendor with its rich history and stunning nature. Let’s go back to 6 centuries ago and have a look at what happened here. In 1480 Otranto was besieged by the Turkish army. Since there was no direct land connection between Italy and Ottoman Empire, Turks had to land to the Italian territory from the sea. When the siege of Otranto has started, the Turkish army decided to disembark to the land by using this beach. That’s why this beautiful natural beach and the dense pine forest right next to the beach was named Baia dei Turchi, which means “The Gulf of Turks”.

On the other hand, this blue flag beach is probably the best of Otranto beaches with its unique characteristics. Golden sandy seashore, azure waters, breathtaking underwater life and beyond. All of these features make this stunning beach special.

How to Get to Baia dei Turchi Beach?

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To reach Baia dei Turchi, you can opt for several transportation facilities such as public transport or your private car. It is possible to find direct bus services from either Lecce or Otranto to Baia dei Turchi beach. If you want to go there by your own vehicle from Otranto, you need to use the SP366 roadway. Since this road is extremely narrow and not a dual carriageway, we strongly recommend that you drive slowly to avoid unpredictable traffic accidents.

When you arrive at the entrance, you have to walk along the Baia dei Turchi forest path to reach the beach. This path is approximately 200-300 meters long and, make sure it would be a very relaxing walking for you. Who doesn’t like to walk in a forest accompanied by birds chirping?

Is Baia dei Turchi Beach Free?

baia dei turchi beach

Yes, the entrance is completely free. But if you would like to benefit from the sunbed and umbrella services, you have to pay for them. If you consider going there in a high season, most probably the prices might be a little bit expensive compared to the other seasons. Instead of paying these fees, our recommendation is to bring your own beach umbrella. It would be a more affordable option for you.

Where to Stay Near the Beach?

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There are numerous accommodation options near this fabulous beach. You can prefer renting a farmhouse or staying in a hotel. If you are a camping enthusiast, it is also possible to find some camping areas where you will experience an unforgettable camping holiday near the Baia dei Turchi beach. Set up your tent, light a campfire and enjoy the pristine nature. That's all you need to reduce your stress level!

Who Is It Ideal for?

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Baia dei Turchi beach has pretty shallow and crystal clear water which makes it ideal for families with kids. The kids can easily make sandcastles thanks to its soft sandy seashore. However, it doesn't mean you can't come to this dreamy beach with your friends. Plan your holiday with your friends and prepare your swimsuits or swimming trunks in advance to enjoy the turquoise waters.

We came to the end of our Baia dei Turchi beach guide. If you would like to mention your thoughts about this marvelous beach, please leave a quick comment below. Thanks for your reading, have a nice holiday!

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